Is animal Cruelty taken on a lighter note?

Rising cases of animal cruelty throughout the country. Are humans actually paving their way towards Armageddon? What is karma? Karma or not, all of us at some point in our lives have felt or experienced the boomerang of our actions. For a non-physics student, this could easily be the best explanation to Newton’s third law of motion. But then again physics is a study of nature, and we humans form an integral part of this ecosystem. Wait, or do we? Well, if you think one out of every hundred species makes us an integral part of the ecosystem, then I guess the word vanity was indeed invented by human beings to best describe their ever-burgeoning posterity. The Kerala mishap The elephant story which streamed all through our Instagram statuses a few days back is just one out of the innumerable mishaps that occur with the rest of our planet’s inhabitants every single second of the day. But let’s take a step back and look at the facts more clearly, the incident took place in Kerala,

Every Life Matters- 2020, A Year Of Gloom and Doom

My heart is weighing down with one atrocity after the other. The year started with the Australian bush fires and now we’re at George Floyd’s death, a life that didn’t deserve to be taken on the basis of his color. This monstrous story has lit fires to outrage globally. Social media is overflowing with #blacklivesmatter. What is behind the curtains? A genuine concern for change? Or just FOMO of not being a part of the ongoing conversations worldwide?  How Informed Are We? Did we speak out for the loss of lives in West Bengal’s worst cyclone in decades? Did we indict the discrimination against migrants walking thousands of miles across India? Most of us have also probably missed the headline of a Dalit man killed for eating in front of upper-caste men.  It Is Only Fair to Engage in Action After Discussion? Surmising that the users of the hashtag are indeed prowling for justice, here is my view of what we should be doing instead of Blackout Tuesday on the internet. We sho

Why Self-Isolation is Necessary even Post Corona Lockdown

The History of Corona Virus: The COVID-19, Novel Coronavirus originated in December 2019 in the Hubei province of China, due to a mutation from the original coronavirus, which is found in the gut of bats. After this the deadly virus took only three months to attain its position as the worst pandemics in the history of mankind. Corona, a Recurrence of Spanish Flu? The COVID-19 is often being compared by the masses to perhaps its 100-year-old foster cousin,” The Spanish-Flu of 1918”. Though a completely different virus from the COVID-19, the latter has been successful in creating panic and anxiety among the masses with almost equal tenacity, not to mention its fangs having engulfed 16000 lives globally. Where Italy failed: Italy ranked the second-best in healthcare worldwide has already lost more than 6500 of its’ citizens into the dark reels of the virus. The virus in this perspective has proved to be completely unbiased and has not differentiated amongst the de

What COVID has Done to Us?

I was not directly affected by Coronavirus, but indirectly I was. And many of us were. All of us were sent home, not because the day was over. But because of the days, that was about to come. Local markets gained traction. Employees were given work from home, which was otherwise deemed 'not at all possible' by many companies. Parents and children got to spend more time together. The skies became clear, water pure, streets clean, and our earth started to heal. Corona, the 'Virus' or the 'Cure': The real question now is ‘Corona’, the virus, or the cure. None of the animals were affected, neither flora and fauna. A mystery, isn’t it? It all started with a Bat in Wuhan and not the one at Gotham. It is now The Guy Who Ate the Bat Vs. Nolan. Things that seemed impossible became possible. We were asked to reduce the emissions, and we didn’t. Corona made us do it. We were advised since schooling to stay away from people for good, and now it made us do so.

The Writer's Birth

Everything in the universe has a beginning and an end. Before we dive into the world, kindly have a look at My World. Merger Day: I was informed that it happened 30 years ago.  A  crucial one though (laughs) history would say. Ahhhhhhhhh! No we did not win any wars nor was any famous person killed 😤 (Look what you guys are wishing for). It was the initiation process of giving the world two legends. (SHHHH not related to Beatles 👓 and Arnold 💪 ). I can hear from a distance you people swearing “oh come on **** just say it”.(fill it as u wish). Ah! yeah, finally today is when my parents got married, obviously not today,30 years ago! I can see the eyes of international readers rolling out in awe “30 years with a single person” 😰😰 😩 well I ran out of smileys for that. Yeah buddies that’s how we play it in India. In this draft I may miss some events as I was born 6  years later. Uhhhhh let's try to get some info from the relatives. Initial Marriage Days: The marri