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What COVID has Done to Us?

I was not directly affected by Coronavirus, but indirectly I was. And many of us were. All of us were sent home, not because the day was over. But because of the days, that was about to come. Local markets gained traction. Employees were given work from home, which was otherwise deemed 'not at all possible' by many companies. Parents and children got to spend more time together. The skies became clear, water pure, streets clean, and our earth started to heal. Corona, the 'Virus' or the 'Cure': The real question now is ‘Corona’, the virus, or the cure. None of the animals were affected, neither flora and fauna. A mystery, isn’t it? It all started with a Bat in Wuhan and not the one at Gotham. It is now The Guy Who Ate the Bat Vs. Nolan. Things that seemed impossible became possible. We were asked to reduce the emissions, and we didn’t. Corona made us do it. We were advised since schooling to stay away from people for good, and now it made us do so.