The Writer's Birth

Everything in the universe has a beginning and an end. Before we dive into the world, kindly have a look at My World.

Merger Day:

I was informed that it happened 30 years ago. A crucial one though (laughs) history would say. Ahhhhhhhhh! No we did not win any wars nor was any famous person killed😤(Look what you guys are wishing for). It was the initiation process of giving the world two legends. (SHHHH not related to Beatles 👓and Arnold💪). I can hear from a distance you people swearing “oh come on **** just say it”.(fill it as u wish). Ah! yeah, finally today is when my parents got married, obviously not today,30 years ago! I can see the eyes of international readers rolling out in awe “30 years with a single person” 😰😰😩well I ran out of smileys for that. Yeah buddies that’s how we play it in India. In this draft I may miss some events as I was born 6  years later. Uhhhhh let's try to get some info from the relatives.

Initial Marriage Days:

The marriage was a festival with food, wine, drinks, micro-parties, cakes. Oh, yea I did not mention” women “like in Hollywood movies as it would sound like a bachelor party. It was a very decent wedding.
As far as I remember after this they moved to Delhi and it was a very difficult phase and yet they somehow pulled it out (Hats off!). Literally not much in hand neither in the banks. A year later senior champ(Exactly he asked for extra build-up) was born named Hans. Now don’t ask me how😂😂😂😂😂😂😂! (LOLOLOLOL) .

Coimbatore, the Heaven:

Traveling by crowded buses, autos, walk, ripped up footwears well that was a timeline. I remember a time where dad used to pedal amma to her study center. Then I started the Coimbatore Days.
Got a rented house here in Kuniamuthur, as it was close to dad’s workplace and mom ka too. Ida aunty and Antony uncle’s house was a stone throw away and Hayson uncle and Mayble aunty ka house was a slingshot away.

The Legendary Scooter:

To go to work dad bought the legendary LAMBERTAA KRH 4301, the scooter of my dreams. Bad luck I was not born then neither did I have the chance for a ride🚴🚴(ohhhhhh How I wished for it).
Catapulting between work and home, faded attires, stitched shirts and budgeted days and foods we wished to have.

The Author's Birth:

AS a citizen dad bought a piece of land with all the money they had saved up and started the work of the then small house. The legend was born after 6 years of their marriage and yea that’s me(I can imagine the words thrown at me right now)well just joking I wanted a grand entry. I was shipped off to my grandparent's ka ancestral house since my parents had literally less money and the gift of time due to all this pressure.i was not shipped off as soon as I was born because that would sound awkward. I was old enough to drink bottled milk then. And three years later I returned as a PUMPKIN.

Life at Stanes:

By then there was an own roof over my head and a floor under my (oh perv)foot. Well it was like magic for me. Little did I have any idea how they worked their heads out to get all this done by then. I was old enough to attend kindergarten. We were both put into Stanes after a period of time and the family was stable by then.

I was 6 and he was 11. I thought yeah this is it. But my parents had other ideas(LOL). Dad was working and so was mom, and by evenings they had tuitions and slowly the house started piling up with numerous faces all pulling out my cheeks because who wouldn’t love a panda in human form that wouldn’t retaliate(NO buildup truth).

Often when I meet my relatives they have Peg or two and go into the past and tell me the story of how hard my parents had worked to bring us to this stage and it would bring up tears in my eyes(yea the hulk cries now).

The Tuition Days: 

Concessions to poor students and proper beltings to their own(Ouch yea it pained a lot of people) and it sure taught us how to behave. Don’t do the crime if you can't do the Time(LMAO).
Slowly the family name arose and dad and mom came to be known as Nelson Master and Honey Miss. I called them that too. And we were called Gundu Neil and Mandu Hans. 21 batches had passed by and no student left without a thankfulness from his heart.

By then the house was totally rebuilt and I was like WOW! And now wishes were granted then and there and always had a lecture about the value of money which was very important for me. So I decided I'm not gonna be a spend-thrift with their money and asked for only necessary things.

The Foreign Trip:

They flew to Bali and then Australia and spent the 25th anniversary with Tiny aunty and Mayford uncle.The best pair(LMAO).

To all their wishes they had to sacrifice and all the compromises they had to make I felt listening to their advice once in a while would not be harmful because where else would you get so much of experience talking. And all their advice and decisions turned out to be true(Realization After Smackings).Thug lifeahhhh!
Well I'm in no plans to come in as a competition to authors and directors by writing up their entire life.
Cause that would be an EPIC. Happily sitting now with the head held up high sponsoring for their son's madness and fancies(well they know what to get me and what not to).
Overcoming a lot of struggles and finally sticking together is what FAMILY is.

My Single Life:

And here it is after 30 years oh well I'm burning with jealousy because I haven’t yet got a girlfriend who could spend that number with me in days (LOL).U people know why because they told me don’t worry we will get you one and that one will be eternal (mind voice: APPO enekku GF eh kadeikadha straight ah kalyanamah?)(then I won't get a girlfriend uh? Straight marriage uh?)(LMAOOOOOOOOO). Well I had to respect their experience because on other terms I have got stung.

Inspirational stories may come and go, biopics may lift you as they go but trust me, buddies, your own story is the only one that will raise u up when u are down. All u have to do is just trace it back.
It's not what u do! It's what u are made of that promotes you. Well I feel u have brought up two good human beings into the society(sons)and we will try our best not to spoil ur stature!

Only Family Stays:

At all times they keep reminding me of one saying in Malayalam: Vanhe Vazhi Marakelleh.
English: Never forget the path of your progress because when you face failure u can trace your progress back!

I take this moment to thank all the people who have supported them (us) financially and emotionally without which we would have been birds without wings just staring at the sky(success).Thanks for supporting and keep us in your prayers!
Thanks to the Almighty!


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