Is animal Cruelty taken on a lighter note?

Rising cases of animal cruelty throughout the country. Are humans actually paving their way towards Armageddon?

What is karma?

Karma or not, all of us at some point in our lives have felt or experienced the boomerang of our actions. For a non-physics student, this could easily be the best explanation to Newton’s third law of motion. But then again physics is a study of nature, and we humans form an integral part of this ecosystem. Wait, or do we? Well, if you think one out of every hundred species makes us an integral part of the ecosystem, then I guess the word vanity was indeed invented by human beings to best describe their ever-burgeoning posterity.

Animal Abuse

The Kerala mishap

The elephant story which streamed all through our Instagram statuses a few days back is just one out of the innumerable mishaps that occur with the rest of our planet’s inhabitants every single second of the day. But let’s take a step back and look at the facts more clearly, the incident took place in Kerala, one of the most educated states of our country, a place which has recently made headlines due to their excellent measures for flattening the curve and thus reducing the number of COVID-19 cases in the state. But it took just one accident (as it has been found out) to turn Kerala into an abode for the infamous act of animal cruelty. But this story has just become the George Floyd of the animal kingdom and slowly, we can now witness the other horrific incidents which went hush till date.

Have animals become a source of amusement for homo sapiens?

Turning to Aurangabad, I recently saw a video where two men were dragging a dog behind their two-wheeler vehicle, (apparently their idea of some lockdown recreation), until the animal was bleeding profusely. The two men then ran away without taking the dog to any vet for medication. It is extremely fortunate, that some conscious citizen was passing by and saw to the well-being of the poor animal.

Concluding lines

Speaking of consciousness, which we human beings use to place us homo sapiens several notches above the rest of the ‘animals’. Why does it only kick in while posting stories of these estranged animals on Instagram? We all know how hard the lockdown has hit us and the millions of laborers who were left without any pay. But at the same time did we notice that probably thousands of stray animals also went without food and water for the entire period of sixty days?

 My social-media active friends will now instantly jump back to their story which they posted mid lockdown to sensitize the ‘illiterate’, masses. But did we actually go out to help them and perhaps do our bit of being a” corona warrior” But again we only ‘choose ‘to be conscious when we want to, and ignore the rest, terming it as illogical and irrelevant.


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