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The Writer's Birth

Everything in the universe has a beginning and an end. Before we dive into the world, kindly have a look at My World. Merger Day: I was informed that it happened 30 years ago.  A  crucial one though (laughs) history would say. Ahhhhhhhhh! No we did not win any wars nor was any famous person killed 😤 (Look what you guys are wishing for). It was the initiation process of giving the world two legends. (SHHHH not related to Beatles 👓 and Arnold 💪 ). I can hear from a distance you people swearing “oh come on **** just say it”.(fill it as u wish). Ah! yeah, finally today is when my parents got married, obviously not today,30 years ago! I can see the eyes of international readers rolling out in awe “30 years with a single person” 😰😰 😩 well I ran out of smileys for that. Yeah buddies that’s how we play it in India. In this draft I may miss some events as I was born 6  years later. Uhhhhh let's try to get some info from the relatives. Initial Marriage Days: The marri